Ring Sizing



There are different ways of finding out your finger size:


  • The safest and easiest way is to go to your local jeweller and get your finger measured, however keep in mind that fingers expand with the heat, if it is a hot day you probably want it rather snug than loose, of course if you live in a hot climate than you will want something that fits accordingly. The same goes for cold weather, on such days having a ring a little on the looser side is probably better. Also the wider the band, the more room it needs, so if you order a ring such as style R186, you probably will want it a little larger than if it was a narrow band .


  • You can also try using a printable paper ¬†Ring Sizer (printable PDF), make sure when printing that you disable “scale to fit page” option on your printer, when using this tool it might be good to double check with either another paper ring sizer of the internet or one of the other options offered on this page.


  • Another way is to order a ring sizer from us for $5.00 shipping included, make sure you read the information above to get an accurate measurement. To purchase click “buy now” below.