Mokume Silver Rounded Square Ring R196


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Sterling silver ring featuring mokume gane and beautiful straight silver lines with recessed parts oxidized to give the ring an organic, antique look. Because the patina is deeply recessed it will not wear off under normal use.

We treat the outside of the ring with a protective finish. If you prefer without the protective finish, please let us know, when you order.

Approximate width of ring: 1cm //  3/8”

This is a wide ring made square and slightly rounded to fit the natural shape of the finger. Especially suitable for wider bands such as these.

Some rings might be available immediately. Otherwise please allow 3 to 4 weeks average for us to fill your order or contact us if you have a deadline and time is an issue.

Mokume Gane translates from the Japanese as ‘wood grain metal’. Mokume consists of metal sheets made into laminated blocks through fusion. Then it is forged and rolled through a rolling mill, filed, drilled and rolled out again until we have a thin sheet with a variety of patterns. Because of the nature of mokume the pattern varies, so each ring made will be subtly different but equally as beautiful. Our mokume sheets are made with sterling silver and copper. Absolutely nickel free!

Also available with gold or copper instead of mokume as in the photo below. Please contact us.

Wide Silver Gold Black Patina Ring R196